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New Hair Reveal {VLOG}

Hi friends,
I have an exciting video to share with you all today… Yesterday I spent the majority of my day at the hairdressers cutting & recolouring my hair – click HERE to watch the video to see how it turned out!

I am really happy with the result and cutting my hair I feel is so liberating. For a very long time I have had super long hair and it wasn’t until about 2 years ago I was brave enough to do a big chop… Since the initial “big cut”, I have cut it short one other time but then I let it grow a bit for my best friends wedding that I was recently in. Now that the wedding has been & gone I decided it was time to do a big change!
Cutting my hair to me is powerful, it took a lot of courage for me to first do it at the end of 2015, as I was going against the wishes of my someone whose opinion I listened to far more than I should’ve… I valued that opinion more than my own and that was ridiculous.  I was told for a very long time how ugly and awful I would look with short hair as long hair was my “only beauty”. (For long time readers, you may remember seeing that public conversation on a photo a few years back on my Facebook page…) Since then I have regained control in my life, I call my own shots and the only time I listen to opinions is when they either come from my husband or I actually ask someone I trust greatly to weigh in on a topic.
So as I felt my hair get snipped off I felt relief & like an emotional weight was going as well – this was the first time I was cutting my hair and I wouldn’t have to hear from someone how awful I looked or what a fool I was.
I love my new hair. I think it is fun, fresh & different and my surprise little chunk of colour for LuLu makes me smile. And LuLu and Trent think it is great!

Friends, I encourage you to remember to do things for you. Don’t always follow what others say and make sure the people you are listening to are respectful of you. I now only ask advice from trusted people who I know will respect me if I do or if I don’t follow their advice. We are our own person, we have to do things that make us happy – my hair is mine and it effects no one else, so me cutting it is for me. This should be applied to most things in life, do what makes you happy & what you feel is right for you – if it isn’t hurting anyone then the opinions of others shouldn’t matter greatly to you.

I would love to know what brave step you’ve done with your hair? Or have you never done something drastic?
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Thank you to Michelle & the team at Innovative Hair Design Highfields for the great day, make sure you check them out on FACEBOOK HERE. 
Have a great weekend!


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Things that make my heart happy…

Always make time for things that make you feel happy to be alive.

Hey friends,

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. You think you are doing the right thing but then God pulls a move & bam you are sitting there like “uhh, what?”.

When life feels a little too much, a bit too overwhelming I like to make a list…
Normally I just do this mentally, it can be a list on anything. But it gets my mind off the current situation and focused on something more positive.

So because life is always a bit too much, let’s make a list…

Things that make my heart happy…

  • Big cuddles from my kids.
  • Being in my “safe place” with my husband. (I like to rest my head on his chest where his heart is & get a hug & everything feels ok when I’m there)
  • Having all 4 of us sleeping in our bed. (This is very rare as our little man loves his cot, but when he wakes in the morning I bring him to our bed to feed and occasionally he’ll drift back off to sleep!)
  • Having one (or both – but that’s very rare) of my kids fall asleep on me. Oh hugging a sleeping babe is bliss!
  • Watching my daughter love on her baby brother. She has so much love in her heart for him and she’s always been so gentle & kind. (And she also very protective) And the way he always searches for her is adorable!
  • Taking a really great photo & thinking how much I will love looking at it one day when these moments are just distant memories.
  • Cooking really good food, it is even better when it’s for people I love.
  • Actually just eating good food. Gosh I love food…
  • Getting a message from someone saying that I’ve encouraged or inspired them.
  • Laughing really hard about something with my best friend, actually just chats in general with her.
  • Reminiscing on my childhood with my sister.
  • When I hear from my brothers. They are young & busy, so when I see them or hear from them, it means a lot.
  • Having a cup of tea in silence. Actually just sitting in silence since becoming a Mum is nice treat that makes my heart sing! (Haha)
  • My fur babies. Stroking their furry soft ears is a favourite of mine & I think they are quiet partial to it too.
  • Roadtrips & adventures.
  • Really good music – like the Zac Brown Band.
  • Reading a good book & feeling inspired…
  • Rainy days with no plans where we can relax, do nothing or whatever we desire.
  • Going for a walk after it’s rained, everything looks so pretty when it’s wet.
  • The beach. I haven’t been in ages, but I love beach.
  • Watching a really inspirational movie.
  • Knowing I’m loved by our Lord.
  • And of course, witnessing a sunrise or sunset. If you follow me on my social media you know I’m kind of obsessed with the first & last light of the day, a good chunk of my photos are of the sun! #sorrynotsorry


A few sunsets from the past month.
A beautiful sunrise.

So what makes your heart happy?
I would love to know, comment below or let me know on my social media!
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Talk soon,

Take time to make your soul happy.