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Things that make my heart happy…

Always make time for things that make you feel happy to be alive.

Hey friends,

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. You think you are doing the right thing but then God pulls a move & bam you are sitting there like “uhh, what?”.

When life feels a little too much, a bit too overwhelming I like to make a list…
Normally I just do this mentally, it can be a list on anything. But it gets my mind off the current situation and focused on something more positive.

So because life is always a bit too much, let’s make a list…

Things that make my heart happy…

  • Big cuddles from my kids.
  • Being in my “safe place” with my husband. (I like to rest my head on his chest where his heart is & get a hug & everything feels ok when I’m there)
  • Having all 4 of us sleeping in our bed. (This is very rare as our little man loves his cot, but when he wakes in the morning I bring him to our bed to feed and occasionally he’ll drift back off to sleep!)
  • Having one (or both – but that’s very rare) of my kids fall asleep on me. Oh hugging a sleeping babe is bliss!
  • Watching my daughter love on her baby brother. She has so much love in her heart for him and she’s always been so gentle & kind. (And she also very protective) And the way he always searches for her is adorable!
  • Taking a really great photo & thinking how much I will love looking at it one day when these moments are just distant memories.
  • Cooking really good food, it is even better when it’s for people I love.
  • Actually just eating good food. Gosh I love food…
  • Getting a message from someone saying that I’ve encouraged or inspired them.
  • Laughing really hard about something with my best friend, actually just chats in general with her.
  • Reminiscing on my childhood with my sister.
  • When I hear from my brothers. They are young & busy, so when I see them or hear from them, it means a lot.
  • Having a cup of tea in silence. Actually just sitting in silence since becoming a Mum is nice treat that makes my heart sing! (Haha)
  • My fur babies. Stroking their furry soft ears is a favourite of mine & I think they are quiet partial to it too.
  • Roadtrips & adventures.
  • Really good music – like the Zac Brown Band.
  • Reading a good book & feeling inspired…
  • Rainy days with no plans where we can relax, do nothing or whatever we desire.
  • Going for a walk after it’s rained, everything looks so pretty when it’s wet.
  • The beach. I haven’t been in ages, but I love beach.
  • Watching a really inspirational movie.
  • Knowing I’m loved by our Lord.
  • And of course, witnessing a sunrise or sunset. If you follow me on my social media you know I’m kind of obsessed with the first & last light of the day, a good chunk of my photos are of the sun! #sorrynotsorry


A few sunsets from the past month.
A beautiful sunrise.

So what makes your heart happy?
I would love to know, comment below or let me know on my social media!
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Talk soon,

Take time to make your soul happy.


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Starting again.

The comeback is always stronger than the setback! 

BLOG image

Hi friends and welcome,

Welcome to the new Modern Wife Life 31.

I had no intention of moving over to WordPress, but my little blog over on blogger crashed and had some tech issues (thanks Photobucket!) and while it required basically an entire overhaul, I figured I  may as well start a new blog!
I also thought if I’m moving everything I may as well make an exciting change & become a .com – that is right, my site is now modernwifelife31.com – this may not seem like a huge deal – but to my tiny blogging self, I am almost ready to pop the champs! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages!

And continuing on with exciting news – I am coming back to YouTube!
You can check out my first video in about 4 years HERE. Please excuse the awkwardness & glancing at the display screen, they will improve – I promise! Please leave a comment below or on my social media about what videos you would like to see in the future!
(For those that don’t know I’ve been on YouTube for about 6 years as “Bella In Bindyland” & stopped uploading after my daughter was born.)

I was going to hold off on publishing this site until next week, but I’m just too excited about it. Please excuse any glitches at the moment as I still try to figure everything out and continue to edit the site. I am still repairing many of my old posts – but it’s coming together! Slowly but surely!

In the mean time I would appreciate it greatly if you could resubscribe to this new site & give it a follow on my social media if you haven’t already. Your support means so much to me!

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April 2015 Wrap Up.

I cannot believe we are in May! We are almost 1/2 way through 2015 – what!!?! 
It felt like April was non-stop for us & I didn’t get a chance to write too much about what we’ve been up to, so I thought I would do a bit of an “April Wrap Up”.
Firstly, we had Easter – as most of you probably did.
It was a quiet Easter for us. Trent worked over that weekend so we waited until Sunday evening for LuLu to get her gifts… The Easter Bunny spoilt her probably a bit too much. 
She got a new outdoor table by Little Tikes for doing crafts & colouring in on. Trent & I made her an activity board/chalk board, she also got some winter clothes & pjs & some new books, puzzles & of course a new bubba. She loves her dolls.

Mr. E Bunny stopped by our house!
LuLu met a tiny little friend, Sophie the pig. She was very cute & LuLu enjoyed meeting her for a short time.
LuLu was so lovely & gentle to this little piggy.

We made a few trips down to my parents property during April, it is a place where I get to practice shooting with Trent and it is also a place we just like to be. It is relaxing being at “home”. LuLu loves it down there, she loves feeding the cattle!

Feeding the cows with Ninny.

Then we had ANZAC day & LuLu helped me bake some ANZAC biscuits & she ate her first one (ok, more than one). 

Trent’s birthday is at the end of April and every year we celebrate by having a family dinner. All my family come & I cook a ridiculous amount of food & we all spoil him. This year we had 3 extra guests, my 2 brother’s girlfriends & Trent’s best mate. We all had a fun night & I really love cooking for the people I care about. 

A full day of cooking, but it was sooo delicious! 

What did you do during April? I hope it was a great month for you! 
I’ll be back shortly to tell you all about my really amazing Mother’s Day!


Starting fresh.

Hello, welcome back – I missed you all!

Welcome to Modern Wife Life 31. 

1 year ago I said my goodbyes to my blogging life, I decided that my old blog “Bella In Bindyland” that I had wrote for 3 years was no longer for me. It no longer bought me the joy it once did and I was also having a personal battle within myself about posting about my newly born daughter. I had dreamed of being one of “those” Mummy bloggers that wrote about each & every joy & trial of Motherhood as it happened, being brutally honest & raw. But I couldn’t, something inside of me just would not let me write about our darling girl for the public. I felt like (& still do) that I have been given one job in my life & I feel it is my calling and that is to be her Mumma & her protector – and I know how dreadful the internet can be firsthand, so I couldn’t throw her out there for predators, trolls, critics and haters, I just couldn’t. I would sit down and try to write but I would come up blank & I do believe that has a higher meaning. I started having the feeling that my blogging time was coming to a close as I neared the end of my pregnancy, I was truly struggling to vlog & blog about my pregnancy and I really was having a personal struggle within myself each time I posted one, I felt like on one hand I owed my readers & viewers a new post but at the same time I didn’t want to hit publish. But I still did – but after giving birth a wall went up, I was fine sharing our daughter with my family & some friends but I couldn’t share her publicly – so I figured, if I was unable to share the most important part of my life on my blog, there was no point to it. 
The blog was a time consuming hobby that drew me away from the time I wanted to be spending with LuLu, so I made the choice to stop. It was actually pretty easy. I was sad about it briefly, but I do not regret it for a second.

Appropriately almost exactly one year later I have had the strangest urge to blog again. But I also felt very strongly that it had to be a fresh start – this blog would be different. 

“Bella In Bindyland” was like my diary, a lifestyle blog where I shared my life so openly with my readers, but this space is going to be different.
It won’t be so personal, I still have that strong urge to maintain a certain level of privacy for our lives, so I don’t believe I will ever be as “open” as I was previously. I also want to be honest from the start & say that I don’t think I will ever show my daughters face on this site & if I do it will be rare, I may write about her but that will probably be it. 

Modern Wife Life31, is going to be just what it says – about life as a wife & also as a Mumma in today’s world.  

This blog is about sharing what I learn. 
I am so in love with being a Mumma to my sweet girl & being Trent’s wife that I do truly strive to be the best I can be in both roles. To better myself I try to learn new ways of doing things, I educate myself on healthier alternatives to almost everything, I try (TRY) to think of ways to save money & I also aim keep our home lovely – I may not be perfect at it all, but I do try & that’s why I thought sharing & documenting my tips, successes, fails & thoughts on this blog would be great & perhaps my readers & friends can share their advice with me too. 
I plan to share recipes, cleaning ideas/advice, home decor ideas, craft ideas, parenting thoughts/advice & I also just plan to write. Write about motherhood, life, being a wife, being me, I miss writing & I can’t wait to get back into it.
Please note; I don’t consider myself an expert on any of the above subjects, but I have a happy & healthy baby girl, a happy husband and pretty & presentable home and I believe those things prove that maybe I am doing ok. 

Also I realise this post maybe slightly confusing to any new readers that may stumble upon this blog. Never fear, keep an eye out for a new blog post where I will try and “introduce” myself – I’m still working on it – I kind of suck at “introduction” & “about me” posts – like what am I meant to write? I’m super awesome, follow my blog? But if you want to start from the beginning & get to know me a little better please check out my old blog which can be found HERE. 

Anyway,  I hope you stick around, I am so happy to be back.