10 tiny & easy ways to turn a bad mood around. {For Mummas & kids!}

Breathe, it’s just a bad day – not a bad life.

Hey Mumma’s,
The other week I wrote a post that many of you really liked, on how to reset & remain happy as a Mumma – you can read it HERE…
Well today I thought I would do a similar post on how to turn around a bad day/mood, for kids & Mummas…

bad mood.jpg

We all have bad days… Maybe you just had a really bad nights sleep, maybe your child isn’t in the best mood or perhaps something is happening in your life that is pulling your mind to a negative place and that in turn makes you feel & act not so great… Know what I’m saying? Been there? When we are in bad moods, this impacts our entire home… The tone we have, is the tone set for our entire home – if Mumma ain’t happy, no one is happy…
So the trick in these situations is to catch ourselves… Maybe you’ve just overreacted to your child or you just can’t shake the bad mood, realise what is happening and make a conscious effort to turn it around…

Here are 10 tiny & easy ways to turn your mood &/or your kid’s around…

  • Step out of the room and breath… Just remove yourself for just a few moments and collect your thoughts and calm down. Teach your children to do this too, often if we are in the midst of a melt down I try to remind our daughter to take a deep breath and stop and calm down… Easier said than done to a nearly 4 year old, but it works sometimes… A breathing technique I get her to do is “smell the flower (big breath in) and blow out the candle (big breath out)”
  • Start the day again… We do this if our little love wakes up and is a bit grumpy. We take her back to bed, lay her down and make it fun and tell her to lay there and wake up happy… She almost always opens her eyes giggling.
  • Tickles… If that doesn’t work, tickles help break out the smiles!
  • Hugs… If you aren’t feeling great emotionally, tell your child. Say you are feeling a little down and need one of their big magic hugs to help you & your heart feel better… This also shows them that it is perfectly ok to say you aren’t ok and to ask for some help.
  • Teach your kids a joke… This always makes me laugh, teaching a preschooler a joke is hilarious, the most basic jokes crack them up and it’s even funnier if you teach it to them and then get them to repeat it Chinese whisper style to someone else in the house… It rarely comes out the way you taught it & that just adds to the humour!
  • Give massages… My little girl loves a massage & she also loves to give a massage! (*This is also a great Mum hack – lay down squirt some lotion into your kids hands and voila – free massage!)
  • Have a random treat… It maybe a special food treat or going somewhere special. But ice cream before lunch or dinner normally makes anyones bad mood disappear!
  • Get outside or get wet… The thing I’ve noticed with kids, if they are outside or in water they are normally always happier… The same applies for most people I think. So if a grumpy cloud is above everyone in your house, drag yourselves outside and enjoy some fresh air. Or if it’s warm enough, swim, play under the sprinkler or have a bubble bath…
  • Turn up the music and just dance… We did this the other day, it was just one of those really long days where time felt like it was moving at a snails pace… So I dug out my old CDs from high school, put them on and turned the music up super loud and we jumped, danced and laughed for over 2 hours! It was great.
  • Put your day on hold… Let your day go, spend the day reading books, watch a movie, colour in – do what you need to, to lift your spirits and your kids. Everyone occasionally needs a day off, the laundry will be ok if it is left for a day and getting take away for dinner will probably make everyone happy – so just take it easy and go with the flow…

Remember it is just a brief moment that isn’t positive – don’t dwell on a bad day or week.

I wrote this post last night, with the intention of making it live this morning… Well, wouldn’t you know it, today I was the person who needed this post. And you know what, I bloody suck at taking my own advice! For some reason today I just feel like I’m in a rut… Last night I was so full of motivation to have a wonderful & productive day today, I wrote a big to do list, I made plans & I was motivated… But people are mean, my camera broke & I just didn’t have a good sleep last night and I lost all motivation, to be honest today I’ve felt more down than I have felt in a very long time – sometimes it all adds up and weighs my heart & mind down. So friends, I’ll be honest, on most days something on this list usually can turn my day around – but today, nothing really did. And that is ok… Some days are meant to be bad & feeling down is ok… But I am determined for tomorrow to be a more pleasant & positive day… I am just reminding myself now as I finish up this post and sip my cider – it was only a bad day, that is all. Tonight I’ll go to bed and pray that tomorrow I will wake up with a refreshed mind, heart & outlook. But for now, the kids are asleep & I know it is ok to be a little down & just to feel it, it is so important to let the emotions come, pause & then leave. So if you are feeling down or for some reason today just sucked, I get it & I’m sending you a big hug. Tomorrow is a new day, wake up in the morning and don’t even think about today! x

I would love to know what your best tip for getting yourself or your kids out of a bad mood is?
Comment below or on my social media!
Thank you so much for reading!
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Don’t ruin a good day today, by thinking about a bad day yesterday. Let it go.


Why I blog | Bringing back blogging.

Hello friends,

I started writing this post about 2 weeks ago & got side tracked with THIS post idea, so now here I am revisiting this one…

I am going to answer a question today that I get asked very often, why?
Why do you blog?
Short answer, I love to write… I may not be the world’s greatest writer, but I love it and I could write for hours on topics that I love… I can lay in bed at night & think up some incredible posts and if I stupidly don’t write them down – I assure you are they are gone from my mind by morning… But I just really enjoy writing & I love to take photos, another thing I may not be overly perfect at – but it makes me so incredibly happy. And I love to share these 2… So blogging makes sense to me… When I started this blog I had the desire put on my heart to encourage & motivate other Mums, so ModernWifeLife31.com was born.

I have been blogging since February 2010 (on my original blog, Bella In Bindyland) – that is over 7 years of writing, uploading & sharing – I did take a year off when I had LuLu… But I’ve been in this blogging world for close to 8 years! (Actually I want to say before 2010, because back in the days of MSNspaces & Myspace I also dabbled in blog writing)
Back in 2010 blogging was different – the community was smaller, many people didn’t “understand it”, we most certainly didn’t get sent PR packages, we wrote real posts, we genuinely connected, social media was more limited and blogging most certainly wasn’t viewed as an attainable job for the average person, just yet.
I started blogging because I wanted to share my everyday. In 2009 my personal Facebook use to be full of posts summarising my days, so blogging to me was a natural progression…
(Fun fact; in 2009 I was regularly mocked & made fun of because I liked to post about cleaning my house & baking muffins – basically housewife stuff… So to those lovely ladies that made fun of me for “updating every time I picked up a spatula” –  what I did then, is now considered a job & I get to encourage women daily, something I love to do.) 
I was listening to a story on Instagram by Erin Morris the other day and she was talking about how much blogging has evolved in the past 6-7 years, it has gone from a small some what supportive community where sharing your story was encouraged, our posts were lengthy, full of feelings & had too many photos to now being essentially more of a business. (Erin has since written a post on this as well, check it out HERE)
I miss the old blogging, I love the new but I miss the old.
Sure, I 100% agree that being an “influencer”, “creator” or whatever term you wish to use – is an absolutely amazing choice of job if you can make it work… So I am not trying to discredit anyone for making this a job, heck that’s what I pretty much do. All I mean is I do miss reading genuine blogs, and instead of hearing what products they love (those posts are great though) I was getting to know them, I felt like I knew the person from the words they weaved together & the pictures that they sprinkled through out their post… Yes people do, do this to an extent on Instagram, microblogging is awesome, especially for busy people – I do it daily, but clicking on a website that tells someone story is so great – I remember losing hours scrolling through reading post after post on blogs & being inspired by people… I see social media as an edited version of someones existence, mine is intentionally curated.
In 2017 it is like the “raw” and “honest” blog posts (or social media posts) need to be somewhat vulgar or even humiliating to gain attention… That if a post doesn’t have that certain shock factor – it just gets looked over… Writing genuine, heartfelt words that you hope encourages others, is often not exciting enough or if you talk positively about life, you are mocked & called fake. Heck, I get this nonsense a lot – because I enjoy motherhood, being a wife & homemaker.
You know from reading my blog that I refuse to buy into the trend of vulgarity & humiliating my loved ones. I write my own truth. But occasionally I want to do more than that… I want to tell our stories too…  Occasionally. Or I don’t know, gosh I would love to… But it’s hard…
The reason I took a year off from blogging when I had LuLu is because I know how damn awful & hideous the internet can be & I wasn’t sure if I could continue putting myself out there, or mainly – my daughter. My skin is thick, but when you are a Mumma you want to protect your babies… Once you open yourself up to the internet and start publicly sharing your life – you are allowing every kind of person imaginable into your life & for them to have an opinion… Most are so incredibly amazing & kind and others, others you wouldn’t ever want to know. That is the reason I don’t really share images of our kids publicly online, people can be hideous.
In the past 12 hours (this was 2 weeks ago) I’ve read a blog by Sarah Jane & watched a video by Samantha Schurman – both of which have decided to take a step back from being “so online” in their own ways… And both posts resonated with me… I love sharing my life, I want to share it more – but gosh I am hesitant to. And somedays I want to shut the whole thing down & disappear.
It is incredibly hard to share when you are aware of not only the creeps that lurk on the internet, but even worse are the ones who know you personally and actually really dislike you and still stalk your sites and write awful things – those people, they suck! Joy suckers…
So that is where I am at, I would love to more often do the occasional personal post – full of feelings or over flowing with lovely photos… But right now I think I am happy writing encouraging posts & aiming to motivate you all.
So I ask you, what would you like to read more of? I have had an overwhelmingly positive response from my cleaning posts/videos and that makes me so happy – but I would love to know what else you would love to read? What type of content would you like to see on my social media accounts?
Please comment below or connect with me on social media!
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Have a lovely week!

Reusing old flowers | Flower craft {video}

Happy Friday friends!

Friday means new video day! And HERE is the latest one.

In this video, I show you an arts & craft project LuLu did with a bouquet of flowers that had dried out a bit… We recycled them to be craft supplies and tools!
This is a quick and easy activity to set up & my daughter (miss 4 in 2 months!) had a wonderful time to doing the craft…img_1185

Invitation to play: I set up our craft table with some paper plates of paint and laid out the flowers so she could chose which ones she wanted to use. Then I left her to make her own choices about how she paints & what colours (I just filmed it). The stems of the flowers make wonderful handles! LuLu swished, swirled, dabbed and painted with the flowers & then she painted & glittered the actual flowers!
The end result is actually quiet lovely & sweet, I think these would make a sweet gift from a grandmother or aunt! (The flowers we used are ones that dry & last very well (proteas), I suggest using a similar hardy dried flower if you are wanting to keep them/gift them, however any flower can be used to paint with!)img_1188img_1187

Learning benefits of this activity:

  • Bilateral Co-ordination; Can be strengthened with crafts.
  • Creative skills; Feeling different textures, improving her painting skills & expressing herself with what she likes.
  • Cognitive thinking; Understanding cause & effect (mixing colours,) & visual processing.
  • Motor skills; painting, sprinkling glitter, controlling tricky objects to paint with.
  • Thinking skills; Considering options & making decisions.
  • Problem Solving; Working out ways to paint the flowers.
  • Colour recognition. 

I hope you enjoyed this post & if you do a craft like this I would love to see it! Please tag me in your posts on social media!
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Have a wonderful weekend!

Beautiful flowers are by; Belle Bouquets. 

Get to know me | 50 random questions. {VIDEO}

Hey friends!
Happy Friday!

I am back today with another video… This one is a “get to know me” style video. (Basically I googled the get to know me tag and answered the questions!)

To watch the video click HERE…
I would love to know what you learnt about me in this video and if you have any questions for a future Q&A type of video please comment below or contact me on my social media!
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Have a wonderful weekend!

PS: Have you seen my blog post from Monday? On the most stunning unicorn party? Check it out HERE.

A magical UNICORN party.

Be a unicorn in a field of horses.

There is a massive trend currently sweeping the world, unicorns.
Unicorn everything is everywhere!
LuLu’s best little friend is a lover of all things horse & unicorn, it is so sweet. LuLu doesn’t mind horses or unicorns but she knows Sophie loves them more. So each time we see horse or unicorn anything she has to stop and I have to talk her out of “needing to buy it for Soph”.
Over the weekend we attended the most beautifully decorated unicorn party to celebrate darling Sophie turning 4. (I still am coming to grips with the fact our girls are 4 this year, FOUR!) 
I thought I would share some photos from this stunning little celebration in case any of my friends are looking to have a unicorn themed party…
Everything was done by Sophie’s Mumma, my best friend, the most talented, crafty & amazing party decorator I know – Kelsie. All of LuLu’s parties have been outstandingly stunning because of her, she has helped me so much with decorating… I can have a good idea, but I am hopeless at executing it – where as Kels can have an idea and actually make it happen! Heck, I can half explain the crazy idea in my head & she can actually turn it into some pinterest worthy creation! The woman is an absolute magician with craft supplies & decorations!
(I will do some posts in the future of LuLu’s past parties.)

Unicorn birthday cake

The delicious birthday cake. (In LuLu’s mind Kelsie made the unicorn and caught the fairy… I may have let her look through my old Lady Cottington’s pressed fairy books the other day…)

Unicorn party



Unicorn fudge

Delicious unicorn fudge!

Unicorn cakeunicorn cake Unicorn cake

If you have any questions about any of the party details feel free to contact Kelsie on Instagram; @Kmck85 

Thanks so much for reading & if you like come follow along on social media;

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PS; Have you seen my latest YouTube video? Check it out, HERE. 


Things that make my heart happy…

Always make time for things that make you feel happy to be alive.

Hey friends,

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. You think you are doing the right thing but then God pulls a move & bam you are sitting there like “uhh, what?”.

When life feels a little too much, a bit too overwhelming I like to make a list…
Normally I just do this mentally, it can be a list on anything. But it gets my mind off the current situation and focused on something more positive.

So because life is always a bit too much, let’s make a list…

Things that make my heart happy…

  • Big cuddles from my kids.
  • Being in my “safe place” with my husband. (I like to rest my head on his chest where his heart is & get a hug & everything feels ok when I’m there)
  • Having all 4 of us sleeping in our bed. (This is very rare as our little man loves his cot, but when he wakes in the morning I bring him to our bed to feed and occasionally he’ll drift back off to sleep!)
  • Having one (or both – but that’s very rare) of my kids fall asleep on me. Oh hugging a sleeping babe is bliss!
  • Watching my daughter love on her baby brother. She has so much love in her heart for him and she’s always been so gentle & kind. (And she also very protective) And the way he always searches for her is adorable!
  • Taking a really great photo & thinking how much I will love looking at it one day when these moments are just distant memories.
  • Cooking really good food, it is even better when it’s for people I love.
  • Actually just eating good food. Gosh I love food…
  • Getting a message from someone saying that I’ve encouraged or inspired them.
  • Laughing really hard about something with my best friend, actually just chats in general with her.
  • Reminiscing on my childhood with my sister.
  • When I hear from my brothers. They are young & busy, so when I see them or hear from them, it means a lot.
  • Having a cup of tea in silence. Actually just sitting in silence since becoming a Mum is nice treat that makes my heart sing! (Haha)
  • My fur babies. Stroking their furry soft ears is a favourite of mine & I think they are quiet partial to it too.
  • Roadtrips & adventures.
  • Really good music – like the Zac Brown Band.
  • Reading a good book & feeling inspired…
  • Rainy days with no plans where we can relax, do nothing or whatever we desire.
  • Going for a walk after it’s rained, everything looks so pretty when it’s wet.
  • The beach. I haven’t been in ages, but I love beach.
  • Watching a really inspirational movie.
  • Knowing I’m loved by our Lord.
  • And of course, witnessing a sunrise or sunset. If you follow me on my social media you know I’m kind of obsessed with the first & last light of the day, a good chunk of my photos are of the sun! #sorrynotsorry



A few sunsets from the past month.


A beautiful sunrise.

So what makes your heart happy?
I would love to know, comment below or let me know on my social media!
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Talk soon,

Take time to make your soul happy.


Starting again.

The comeback is always stronger than the setback! 

BLOG image

Hi friends and welcome,

Welcome to the new Modern Wife Life 31.

I had no intention of moving over to WordPress, but my little blog over on blogger crashed and had some tech issues (thanks Photobucket!) and while it required basically an entire overhaul, I figured I  may as well start a new blog!
I also thought if I’m moving everything I may as well make an exciting change & become a .com – that is right, my site is now modernwifelife31.com – this may not seem like a huge deal – but to my tiny blogging self, I am almost ready to pop the champs! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages!

And continuing on with exciting news – I am coming back to YouTube!
You can check out my first video in about 4 years HERE. Please excuse the awkwardness & glancing at the display screen, they will improve – I promise! Please leave a comment below or on my social media about what videos you would like to see in the future!
(For those that don’t know I’ve been on YouTube for about 6 years as “Bella In Bindyland” & stopped uploading after my daughter was born.)

I was going to hold off on publishing this site until next week, but I’m just too excited about it. Please excuse any glitches at the moment as I still try to figure everything out and continue to edit the site. I am still repairing many of my old posts – but it’s coming together! Slowly but surely!

In the mean time I would appreciate it greatly if you could resubscribe to this new site & give it a follow on my social media if you haven’t already. Your support means so much to me!

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