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The Weekend that was; Getting Outdoors.

There is no wi-fi in the outdoors, but I assure you – you will find a better connection. – MWL31

Hello friends!
How was your weekend? 
We spent a lot of our time outdoors over the weekend – we have had a fairly long weekend as Trent has been on his 5 days off.
We have spent lots of time out in the backyard and also in our pool, soaking up the hot weather while it lasts!  
Sunday afternoon we headed to our favourite local park and enjoyed some family time. 
It is really so relaxing just going to a quiet little park and just spending time together. If you are ever bored on a weekend I highly suggest grabbing the hats, sunscreen, some cold water bottles & maybe a few snacks and jumping in the car and finding a lovely little park to play at for a few hours. Spending time as a family is so wonderful & the weather is so lovely at the moment, it is nice & sunny but the weather is starting to cool down to a comfortable temperature – perfect for being outside!

Also over the weekend my Dad & I went for a hunt. I was awake at 2:45am and we arrived at the private property we hunt on at 5am – the perfect time to start hunting. Early morning before the sunrises is my favourite time of day, everything is so still, the air is cool and it’s just so calming but at the same time reenergising. 

We walked through the bush for about 6 hours, we hiked almost 10km in some pretty challenging terrain- big gullies, thick scrub, thick long grass and some big hills. We didn’t see any deer – though we did see evidence of them with some impressive rub marks on a few trees. 

It was a wonderful morning spent together. It is a day I won’t ever forget, it was actually the first time Dad has ever taken me out hunting.
I don’t think Dad took the easy trail through the property at all, if anything he probably went a challenging way to put me through my paces so I could prove I wanted to be out there. But not 1 word of complaint was said from me, even though my feet ached towards the end and my shirt was that saturated with sweat it felt as though I had just jumped in the creek. I just was so happy to be out there, going for a walk through the bush is just fun for me – I love being out there. And it was a great morning to spend some time with my Dad. 

Trent, my Dad & I are looking forward to hopefully planning another hunt soon to try and get out during the rut. We need to restock our venison.

The property that we hunt on is so beautiful & picturesque. 
The moon has also been amazing over the past 2 nights, this is a quick photo I snapped last night. 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and got to spend some of it outdoors & appreciate this lovely weather! 
If you did, I would love to see your photos or hear your stories, contact me on my social media or leave a comment below!
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nothing beats being outdoors, I hope you got a chance to get outside this weekend.(This magnificent view is from one point during our hunt!)
Posted by Modern Wife Life 31 on Saturday, February 20, 2016 The only deer we saw all day… But we did see some decent rub marks on the trees.  which is very exciting for when we head out during the rut. 

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Tutorial; Recycled Ammo Christmas Bauble {VIDEO}

It’s nearly Christmas – it’s nearly Christmas! Ok, a little while to go – but it’s close… 
I tried to keep the Christmas posts until December – I did… But I did this awesome craft over the weekend & it’s super basic, but I am in love with it – it takes next to no time at all (can totally be done during your child’s nap time!) and I was so excited about it – I filmed a video. Yes, I FILMED A VIDEO! And I have been so excited to share it with you all… So I am sharing a Christmas craft tutorial – in November… But hey, it’s late November – so that is ok, right? 
Oh heck, even if it isn’t right – I am proudly waving my festive freak flag! 
Now, I know this may not appeal to everyone – but the beauty of this craft is you can totally customise it to your own taste… You can add whatever you like…
I made “recycled ammo Christmas baubles” or “bullet baubles”… 

But you could add into the bauble anything you love… 
I know a lot of people don’t have surplus of empty shells laying around like I do – but I know some of my readers are fellow hunters & shooters.
This ornament would also be a great addition to a gift you are giving to someone who maybe interested in hunting or shooting. Just wrap the gift in brown paper, tie with brown string and attach the bauble – I think it would look really great. 
This is the perfect ornament for “manly men” – my husband, brothers & Dad don’t care that much for Christmas decorations – they just go along with whatever is put out or on the tree – but they thought these were really cool. And because it’s made from empty shells, bullets they actually shot – it makes it a little more special. 
The baubles I used are from Lincraft and I got them when they were on a 50% off Christmas stock – I can’t remember the exact price but I am positive they were under $4. I’ve also seen clear shatterproof baubles at some cheap stores.
So here is the tutorial, (if by chance the video isn’t showing up please click HERE)

I really love how these turned out. I made 4. 1 for our tree, 1 each for my brothers & their girlfriends and 1 for my parents. They were all really impressed with them.

If you recreate this craft, please send me a photo on one on my social media – I would love to see!!
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Have a wonderful day! 

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Our perfect anniversary date. {shooting & eating!}

Last week Trent & I celebrated 126, 230, 400 seconds of married life! 
On that particular day he was working night shift so we weren’t able to do anything to mark our special day.
We had planned to go out for a nice dinner together on Saturday evening. My parents had agreed to baby-sit LuLu for us. 
But on Saturday morning while I was chatting to Mum on the phone she mentioned she wanted to look after LuLu for the whole entire day & also that evening. I had to think about it for awhile. Sure I’ve spent a few hours away from LuLu, but normally when I’m spending time away from her Trent has her or if Mum does it is just for a couple of hours while I do some shopping, I don’t make a habit of not being with her, so this was a fairly big moment for me. Also because LuLu would be going for a drive to another town with my parents, I was a bit anxious about the whole idea of it. But I figured it would be good for LuLu to spend a few hours away from me & she was with her Ninny & Poppa, the only 2 people that I really feel comfortable leaving her with, so I knew she would be fine. After over packing 2 bags of supplies, a lunch bag & a bucket of toys for her we dropped her off at my parents. 

All packed and ready for a day with Ninny & Poppa.

Yes, I cried leaving her. I don’t know why – perhaps guilt, but I think it was more because I instantly missed her. When LuLu isn’t with me I feel like I am missing something vital, like heart or a lung. I just no longer feel complete. I sat in the car contemplating if I should run back inside and say I changed my mind, but I knew she would be perfectly fine and I would be too – I trust my parents 110% with her. 
So what were Trent and I going to do with this new found day of freedom? 
Well, we decided to do what we do – go shooting. We could’ve done yard work, but hey – we wanted to just enjoy this rare day of “just us”.  
Now we didn’t have enough time to organise a hunting trip, so have no fear – this is not a post with “dead animals”. We headed out to a property owned by one of Trent’s work mates & set up some targets. We were just wasting time, having fun & also making sure our guns were shooting straight. 
We took 3 of our guns out. Our air rifle, Trent’s Tikka T3 .270 & my brand new Browning .22 rifle. 

Gamo Delta Max .177, Browning T-Bolt .22LR & Tikka T3 .270. All guns purchased at ‘The Open Range’ 
A couple who shoots together, stays together!

This was my first time bringing my gun out to shoot targets. I had shot it previously on some bunnies with my brothers, but this was my first time shooting with Trent. 
We set the target up at about 100m and I managed to get some fairly decent groupings. When I shoot at ‘The Open Range’ in their indoor shooting range, I shoot at 25m. I can manage to get a pretty great & tight grouping at that distance (about a $2 coin grouping) at 100m I was getting about a 50c coin grouping or a touch wider. Which isn’t bad, it isn’t brilliant but it was my first time doing targets with that gun & the longest distance I’ve ever shot and I had to factor in it was a windy day.

What a fun way to waste a few hours! 

A quick word about my beautiful rifle, as I said it is the Browning T-Bolt .22LR – I was going to purchase the .22 mag, but after some consideration I decided to go with the .22 LR. It is more economical to shoot and it will also be a great gun for LuLu when she grows up. If she wants to learn to shoot, this gun would be perfect for her after learning on the air rifle (she has a fair few years to wait though!). It is a stunning rifle and amazing quality – I made sure to purchase a gun that I know will last. I knew I wanted a timber stock as that is the finish I prefer.
This gun is also a perfect size for me, I held so many rifles & none felt comfortable or they were too heavy as I am fairly petite – but this one is perfect for me. 
I love the straight pull T-Bolt action, it’s a smooth & fast motion, which is great for quickly chambering a round for that follow up shot, if needed. The double helix rotary 10 shot magazine is incredibly easy to load, it feeds the rounds level into the chamber which also makes the round feed in smoothly. 
The scope I chose for my gun is the Meopta MeoPro 3-9×42. Trent & I are both very happy with the scope, the vision is clear & crisp.  

Browning .22 
The detailing on my gun is so pretty! 😉

After spending a few hours shooting our rifles we packed up and started the 50 minute trip home. 

4 years of being his Mrs. Bring on many, many more!! 🙂 

Trent called into a local pub at Quinalow to grab some Jack Daniels as he wanted to drink one before we left for dinner that night while I was getting ready. I took the opportunity to have a cold drink while we drove home & I couldn’t help but laugh at the stubby cooler he purchased while getting the Jacks!! 

This made me laugh… 

When we got home we got ready for dinner and then my parents arrived with our darling girl, we had missed her so much! She had had a great day & seemed very happy! We made dinner for my parents and LuLu and said good bye to them and drove to town for our anniversary dinner. 

A quick photo while out on our date! 

We got an early booking at La Pizziaola & enjoyed a nice dinner of yummy Italian food. After dinner we walked down to the gelato store and had dessert. 
We had a lovely evening out together, but all we wanted to do was get home to our LuLu Bug, so we went straight home!
A day off from parenting was a nice treat & I am grateful to my parents for being so amazing with LuLu & happy to have her for the day, but I love my time with her & those days off don’t have to be very often, it was lovely to just have some time with just Trent though to celebrate 4 beautiful years of marriage!

If you want to stay up to date with my hunting & shooting adventures please make sure you follow my instagram account dedicated to that; @housewifetohuntress. 
My camo cap was supplied by Aussie Feral Game Hunters, you can find them on Facebook by clicking HERE. 
Have a great week! 

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My first hunt. {Mother’s Day 2015}

Just as a courtesy warning to some of my readers, this post does contain some images that some of you may find confronting or graphic. I’ve tried to keep them as tame as possible & I have limited what I show on here & I personally don’t find any image on this post negative in anyway. No actions in this post were cruel or irresponsible & the meat from this deer will be consumed by us. The aim of these posts is to show my friends & readers that hunting isn’t a cruel & barbaric past time, but rather one that can be used to obtain amazingly delicious free range meat & also a form of much needed pest control. I encourage you to read on & keep an open mind. – B.

How was your Mother’s Day? 
Mine was not typical, very memorable & totally awesome! I had a brilliant day and I’ve been dying to tell you about it, so let’s do this!
In the morning I was woken up by my adorable little LuLu who gave me some very sweet little gifts, we had breakfast together as a family, the 3 of us headed into town to buy me another Mother’s Day gift – hiking boots for hunting & then we went to see my Mum and had lunch with her & Dad at The Chocolate Cottage. After lunch we left LuLu with my parents & headed home to get organised for my FIRST HUNT! That’s right, on Mother’s Day I got to go hunting for the first time.
Trent and I drove out to the property which is a few hours away from where we live that we had permission to be hunting on. We were there with the hopes of getting a Red Deer so we could get some fresh venison. 

Of course we had to take a few selfies before starting our hunt!
Ready to go, loving my new shoes too – they were awesome!
Before we left our car I found this little guy, I figured I better catch him for a quick selfie in case he was the only thing we saw all day! 
A quick outfit of the day (OOTD) photo before heading out to find some deer! 
Camo & pink shirt; Browning Hell’s Belles – supplied by The Open Range – Toowoomba & Winchester Australia, 
Hiking boots; Outdoor Expedition. 

We hiked for about 2 hours. 
We walked through the property, along the river and up through the hills. It was very calming for me to be just out walking in the bush. Every now and then we would stop, look around and see if we could see anything – but nothing… Well, we saw lots of beautiful scenery – but no deer.

This property was so beautiful.
While we were walking up into the hills, we saw some wallabies. I took this photo with my iPhone through binoculars.. I am actually surprised it turned out so cool. 
My husband, my hunting guide. 

Just as it was nearing 4:30pm I kind of started to think we may not get anything as we hadn’t saw any deer. We had agreed we would turn around at 5pm because we needed to get home for LuLu. Just as we came over one rise, Trent stopped, he saw 2 hinds moving through the bush. While he was focused on those 2 I saw one that was straight ahead of us, I could see her clearly & it honestly felt like she was staring directly at me – I think she may have heard us but couldn’t see us. The other 2 were heading down the hill & the one I spotted was standing still. We made a decision then that Trent would take the shot & aim for the hind I saw as he was carrying the rifle & I didn’t want to mess around and risk spooking her. We could’ve headed further up and possibly found the stag that was with these hinds, but for what we needed this hind was perfect. A perfect size for some delicious meat! Trent rested on the tree & fired – 1 shot and she was dead. 

Taking his shot.

As soon as she was down, we took off back down the hill hoping we maybe able to get the other 2 we had seen. We could hear them barking, I sat with a clear view of where we thought they may come out with the .270 ready to go – but we didn’t see them again. Which is fine, we got what we needed.

I was so excited sitting here.

 We made the decision not to sit around for long waiting for those other 2, we were losing light and still needed to dress the carcass. 

The amazing view from where we got our deer.

When we got back to the deer, we took your standard photos – because this was a fairly special hunt. My first time out & this was also the first kill with Trent’s Tikka T3 .270 & his first deer as well. So we were pretty happy.

How she fell.

Trent and his Red Deer.
My first hunt was a success, I may not have shot this hind but I am so glad I was there to experience it & I am happy Trent got it!

We then strung the carcass up in a tree to prepare it to be cut up. Firstly we skinned the area the we needed to get our meat from, this was the part that I got to help with. As I was doing this we could hear the stag further up in the hills calling out, it was so tempting to head further up and try and find him, but we just didn’t have the time.

Skinning the deer. 

I am very keen to learn how to do this well & also gain a good understanding on how to harvest the meat. I feel I skinned it ok, but skinning an area like a back is relatively easy in my opinion – which is why I want to shoot some foxes so I can practice skinning around the faces because that is apparently the most difficult part on any animal. 
Trent then removed the back straps and removed the 2 back legs, we packed up & got ready to walk out. As we were walking out the sun was setting fairly quickly, by the time we got back to our car it was almost dark out. 

Sunsetting as we were about to leave.
Trent leading the way back to our car.
The view on our walk out…
Carrying out the 2 back legs. 

I cannot believe we got a deer, 4 days later I still look at the photos & think what?! Did that seriously happen? I don’t even care that I didn’t get to shoot it, I just was so happy to be out there. I wouldn’t have even cared if we didn’t get a thing – I just enjoyed being in the outdoors, I find it relaxing. 
This was such an important day for me, it was really kind of a trial to see if I would enjoy hunting. I knew in my soul I would – I am far to passionate about this to not enjoy it. But I have had a fair few people doubt I a) could handle the physical side of it & b) handle seeing an animal be shot. Both of those things didn’t phase me once while I was out there. The hiking part of the hunt was great, I love doing that sort of stuff. And I watched the deer being shot, to me it was very interesting & reinforced my belief that hunting when done well & responsibly isn’t cruel at all. The deer was totally unaware at what had happened & therefore not stressed. I truly believe that hunting is one of the most ethical ways to get meat, the animal isn’t stressed, they are simply minding their own business & then they are dead – no transportation, no being crammed in with other animals, no going to unfamiliar places – it is very simple & if done right, instant. 
When I was skinning the deer I wasn’t upset or grossed out by it. I feel we treated the animal as respectfully as we could & I was grateful that we were harvesting some really delicious venison to fill our freezer. Of course I felt the standard sadness out of respect for the deer, but I wasn’t upset or remorseful, it was just being respectful. 
This Red Deer may not be an impressive trophy stag, I think I’ll aim for that next year during the rut (I can dream), but she was exactly what we wanted – a perfect freezer filler.
I cannot wait to get back out there again & hopefully next time we see one I can take a shot.
I would like to thank The Open Range & Winchester Australia for providing me with my amazing Browning Hell’s Belles camo gear and Aussie Feral Game Hunters for my cap!
I also want to thank you, if you have read until the end of this post. I know this series isn’t for everyone – but this is something I am passionate about & I will continue to do. I hope if it isn’t for you you have kept an open mind & are respectful of the fact Trent & I were hunting to get meat for ourselves.
Thank you to everyone for your support!

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Housewife to Huntress; Practice update #2

Another shooting update…
on Tuesday I headed into ‘The Open Range’ for another hour of practice… At this moment we are really focusing on me getting comfortable with the .22 and really trying to improve my ridiculous eye issue, which I am finding insanely frustrating. I wink perfect with my right eye, but left just is just stupid! That’s the only way I can explain it… But I’m working on it, which is the only thing I can do really. 
After practicing with the .22 I had a few shots with the 9mm handgun. Handguns are great fun and I enjoy using them, but they aren’t something I am probably ever going to own… They are a whole different ball game after shooting with a rifle, but like I said still fun and a great stress reliever.
But rifles & shot guns are what I am focused on becoming really confident in. For use in both sport & hunting.

Time spent wasting bullets is never time wasted.
.22 shots from 25m
my pathetic target with the 9mm 
After shooting practice I came home and my youngest brother Tristan came over and helped me practice skinning on a couple rabbits. I’ve never skinned a single thing in my life before except a lab rat in biology at school, which I wasn’t meant to do… But anyway. I think I did pretty well, he was happy with how I went (I think). I didn’t really get a photo of my efforts, but next time I’ll try to remember to! 
(The reason I am learning to skin animals is because when I eventually go hunting I want to be able to shoot a fox and skin it – I think it’s a good skill to have)

On Sunday of the weekend just gone I also got to have a bit of practice with my air rifle – just a bit of plinking, nothing serious – but it is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
I also had my first kill on the weekend (if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you’ll already know this)
It was a fairly impressive kill, I have shipped it off to the taxidermist it’s that impressive. 
I did have to stalk it for a bit and when I was about 4 or so metres out I nailed it with my massive Gamo Deltamax .177. I assume it probably weighs way less than 10g (dressed), so I am pretty proud.
(Oh please if you are reading this I hope you realise it is all sarcasm.) 
I shot a pathetic toad. 

What a kill, what a trophy! 
But hey, my outlook on this is my kills can only get bigger & better from here… I doubt I could kill something smaller and more lame than this!! 

Suns out guns out…
While I practice shooting, LuLu gets to spend some time with her Ninny.
Cheeky selfie with one of my parents steers.
I am still really enjoying shooting, it is something I take very seriously and want to be incredibly great at. 
In other news I had to take my proof of I.D into my local police station last Friday, so that hopefully means my license won’t be too far away! 
At the moment I can’t transport our guns on my own, I can’t shoot them on my own & I also can’t buy my own gun – so once the license arrives I can look into getting my very own gun, which I am very excited about!
Sorry this isn’t a huge update.
But I do have 2 new shooting videos.
The first is just another plinking video from down the farm. I have no idea what was going on with the last duck when it stood back up – I swear to you those right side ducks hate me. This one is done in real time, I didn’t bother cutting out the shots I missed, just so you guys can see how I am going with shooting. It was hard getting a place to shoot down at the farm on Sunday because the grass is so thick and long. Also when shooting my air rifle, I try to either shoot from my shoulder or shoot from resting on my knee. Like I’ve said, I love my ducks and shooting them is so much fun – I really enjoy it.

The second video is just a quick one of my shooting from in at The Open Range in their indoor shooting range – I just filmed the target I was shooting. Fairly happy with my grouping. Once again this video is done in real time so you all can see how I am shooting.
If you have any advice for me, please let me know! ‘
Have a great week guys!!

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Housewife to Huntress; Practice update #1

Hey everyone!
I thought I would do a quick update on my shooting progress…
On Wednesday I had my 1st lot of practice at ‘The Open Range’ and the other weekend Trent helped me do some shooting at my parents farm…
So I’ve done a few days of shooting in the last couple weeks, but nowhere near the amount I want to be doing… I think Trent & I need to buy a farm so I can shoot daily. (In Australia you need at least 40 acres to fire a gun on) 
I am pretty impressed with my efforts, these 2 days of practice are my first proper times ever shooting a rifle. Like I’ve said I have shot a .22 before but it was nothing serious, it was just one shot here and there. 
My first day of practice with Trent I did really well, I was shooting from roughly 30m & then we went further back. I did some shots from my shoulder and some from a rest, but the rest was mainly just supporting my left elbow on the hood of my car (a picnic rug is a great makeshift rest lol). 
I also had 1 shot with Trent’s Tikka T3 .270 – which is a beautiful gun. Very big & loud, but an awesome gun and it is what I need to get comfortable using if I want to shoot deer (which I do). We had a target set up at about 300m & Trent said I got it. 
That day I also spent a fair bit of time plinking, I love my (well, Trent’s) Gamo Deltamax .177 air rifle. It is a break action & just loads of fun and it’s helping me get more accurate. The duck targets I have are awesome and you can easily lose hours just shooting them. Admittedly it can be bloody frustrating when the odd duck wont go down even though you hit it like 5 times, it’s always the right side ducks for me! If it was a real duck – it would be dead!!

First few shots through the .22 
Plinking time!

Here are some videos of my practice from that weekend…

On Wednesday my practice was again with a .22 rifle (PWS Summit bolt action). I was using a rest to shoot with but using my shoulder to hold the stock, if that makes sense. 
This practice session was held at ‘The Open Range’ in their indoor shooting range, it’s so great – I love shooting there! Getting advice from their knowledgable staff is really helping me become a better shooter too. 
I did do one target off my shoulder – I think I really need to work on my arm strength for this because I am a little bit shaky while holding the gun – apparently that is fairly normal though. 
I am having a lot of trouble closing my left eye – which is something I really need to be able to do in order to shoot right handed.
I did have a go shooting left and I can do that fine, but I am determined to shoot right – so I just have to practice, practice and practice. 
At the moment to help with this problem the safety glasses I shoot with, well – I’ve blacked out the left side and it’s really helping. I shoot pretty much perfect with it. So as soon as I correct this issue I’ll be very happy!! 
(If you have any advice at all on how to help improve my ‘eye issue’ I would love to know!)

Shooting time… 
My results from Wednesday’s practice. 
Video from my time at ‘The Open Range’…

If you cannot view my videos on this site please head on over to my YouTube channel which can be found HERE! 
So I am happy at where I am at currently – clearly I am not close to the end of this journey – I still have a lot of work to do – I believe anyway! I know my accuracy is fairly decent, but I see room for improvement. My biggest thing I need to improve is my darn eye!! 

My end goals on this project are pretty much to be able to shoot a range of guns comfortably and most from my shoulder. But the very end goal is just to be able to hunt & do it well. But we will talk about this all in another post shortly!
If you have any advice for me, I would love to here it.
If you want regular updates make sure you follow me on my instagram which is @Housewifetohuntress 

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Housewife to Huntress; Getting licensed to shoot…

Ok, so we all know by now that I am determined to learn to shoot well & eventually be able to hunt…
Well, before I can get my own gun or legally shoot on my own, I need my firearms license. Before you get a license in Queensland you need to take part in & pass a Firearms Safety Course. 
On Saturday the 21/March I did my safety course with Downs Protection. 

These guys were great, it wasn’t a huge class and it was really easy to follow along with because they thoroughly explained everything and made sure everyone understood each point.
The course is designed for someone that has zero gun experience or knowledge. 
There are 2 forms of assessment when it comes to passing the course, the theory test & a practical test.
The theory test is easy (well, I thought so) & it tests you on what you learnt from that class. Every question is based on what you learnt that day – nothing is based on prior knowledge. (Even though everything taught in the class I feel I already knew, my Dad & husband are big on being safe around guns. But also a lot of stuff is basic common sense.)
The prac side of the course is firing a gun, this was done at ‘The Open Range’ in their state of the art indoor shooting range. 
I assume each course is slightly different, but we had to check the gun & make sure it’s clear, load a magazine & put it in the gun & then successfully fire it twice.
Firing the gun is easy, the test isn’t assessing how well you shoot or if you are accurate, it’s testing you on if you can handle the gun safely & put into practice the skills you learnt that day.
We used a bolt action .22 – but when Trent did his course (with another company) they used a break action & a bolt action.

I apologise for the dark photos – but this is my doing the practical side of the test.

After talking to Trent & comparing our courses, the company I did my course with sounds a lot better. Our instructor had a slide show & spoke about everything so we all understood each point really well – Trent’s course wasn’t like that and he also had to sit in a hot church hall to do his & then go to an outdoor shooting range, ours was in an air conditioned classroom & then the indoor shooting range – it’s the little things people!
I’ve wanted to do this course for a long time & I am so happy I finally have done it & passed!
The courses are well worth doing if you are interested in guns and it is a legal necessary requirement if you are wishing to obtain your firearms license, another benefit that I see for doing my license besides from the fact I can buy my own guns & legally use them on my own is that Trent has his own gun, if something ever happened to him or his license I can legally take over the ownership so we don’t lose it. (If you accidentally forget to renew your license you have to have another licensed person to sign them over to until yours is renewed)
I just applied for my weapons license online (which is the easiest way to do it) – I needed to prove my change of name (from being married), my drivers license number, a copy of my Firearms course certificate, proof of my SSAA membership & you have to include a passport style photo. The whole process takes less than 15 minutes. There is a 28 day cooling off period before the license starts being processed & it normally takes about 2 months for it all to be approved, which is an incredibly long time. And then when I want to purchase my first gun, I again have to wait 28 days before I can pick it up. So in about (hopefully) 3-4 months I will have my first gun to show you all! 
If you have any questions about the course or the steps to get your firearms license feel free to contact me & I can try to help!
The company I did my course with is ‘Downs Protection’ they are based in Toowoomba and I highly recommend them. 
Downs Protection website
Down Protection Facebook page.