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Ice skating & Disney On Ice {VIDEO}

Hey friends!

Last Wednesday we spent a fun few hours at Ice World at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane celebrating the launch of Disney On Ice “100 years of magic”.
We got to spend some time ice skating and also meet one of the stars of the show…
I filmed some footage while we were there so click HERE to check it out…
We had so much fun ice skating and LuLu did amazing! She was being taught by some lovely young professional ice skaters how to properly skate, so she really enjoyed herself.
We also got to meet and chat to Shelley Craft (Saturday Disney flash back!), she is the current ambassador for Disney On Ice. She is so lovely!

Disney on Ice is skating into Brisbane at the end of June just in time for school holidays! If you would like more information or to purchase tickets please head to Ticketek or click HERE. 

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Our first camping trip. {Q&A and VIDEO}

Hey friends!

Last month we did our first ever camping holiday.
(We purchased our camper trailer just before Christmas last year)

And it was a HUGE success! We all absolutely loved it and had the best time.
Our camping destination was Hastings Point in NSW, we stayed at the North Star Holiday Resort and we cannot wait to go back. It is wonderful!
I made a vlog of our time away and you can check it out HERE.  

Family Camping in Australia..png

I’ve had a number of questions about our camping adventure…

  1. Do you recommend camping to a family who hasn’t camped before?
    This was our first time camping. Trent has camped before, but I grew up staying in units, cabins, hotels etc… We never camped, so this was a totally new experience for me. And it was fantastic! The kids loved it and I found it really relaxing. I do recommend it, but you have to be open to different things and be willing to adapt. A tent is a lot different to a hotel room. 
  2. Do you like the camper trailer? Was it hard to set up and do you recommend having one?
    Yes, I love it. Ours is great for us and the perfect size for now.
    Camper trailers can get a bit of a bad reputation for being hard to set up etc. It does take some time, for us it took about 2-2.5 hours from arriving to having the entire camp set up (including beds, kitchen area, play area etc) Trent was able to set the first section up on his own in around 1/2 an hour, the kids and I went for a walk around the park. Then we all went and had some lunch at the cafe, then we returned and he and I set up the annexe section, that took maybe 40-50 minutes. Then I just set up the inside area and made it “homey”. Trent is really mechanically minded and just gets how to set things up, if I was setting it up on my own – well, I wouldn’t! HA. People are wired differently and Trent just gets how to build and fix things, I can’t do it. But for him setting it all up is a piece of cake. So if you are mechanically minded and setting things up makes sense to you, you will be fine. 
  3. Thoughts on the park you stayed at?
    North Star Holiday Resort was amazing, we absolutely loved it. It had everything we needed. There is a waterpark, pool, a licensed cafe, adults area including a day spa, playground, kids club and games room + much more. We highly recommend the park. Trent wanted our first camping trip to be at a park where we weren’t exactly “roughing it” and he chose well. The park came highly recommended to us by countless people and it was a great place to have our first camp. (They also have cabins and units) We had a private bathroom as well which was nice. 
  4. What item did you take that you didn’t use and what item did you wish you did take?
    What we didn’t really use, gosh I am blanking… I know I took a stack of books and didn’t read one! We were just too busy getting out and doing things. And the one item we forgot was our fan. Next time we will be bringing that, most nights were lovely and a cool breeze blew through the tent, but the last night humidity was at like 98% and no breeze at all, and my gosh it was dreadful!! We hardly got any sleep that night and then we woke up to LuLu not feeling well. So we packed up in the cool early hours of the morning and headed home. (We did plan to leave later in the day and spend another day at the pool, but she was too unwell) That night was the only negative about the entire trip! 
  5. Did the kids like it or were they bored?
    The kids had the best time! LuLu loved the waterpark, pool and slides. She loved going to the beach, exploring the rock pools and building sandcastles. She also really enjoyed being able to ride her scooter up and down our little street & make little friends. Tommy loved chasing the scrub turkeys, watching the big lizards and playing at the beach and water park. Camping I think is amazing for kids. 
  6. Sleep? How did you manage to get the kids to sleep in the tent and also during the day?
    For us this worked pretty easily… We stretched bedtime out a little to more like 6pm (instead 5pm’ish) and LuLu just laid down in her camp stretcher and went to sleep. By late afternoon she was pretty exhausted from being super active all day! Tommy, I fed him and if he didn’t nod off on the boob, we would just cuddle him and lay him down in the porta cot once he was asleep. Exactly how we do it at home. Tommy is the only one who naps during the day, and it is usually in the morning so it isn’t too hot yet. A few times he also napped in the car when we were driving. 
  7. What is your top tip for holidaying with young kids?
    Just go with the flow, don’t have big plans or expectations. Take each moment and day as it comes. And keep it simple, kids don’t need to be driving to big tourist attractions every single day. Being in the car is no fun, but being at the pool or the beach is. We had 1 day where we went out but the rest of the time was spent just kicking back and relaxing. (Also another tip is buy those water/beach shoes… They aren’t trendy at all, but they are a lifesaver, especially for the beach we went to. There were lots of rocks and rock pools and to save little feet being cut up and any slips & falls LuLu wore her beach shoes each time we went to the beach. It also protects her feet against hot sand and if there are any nasty things hidden in the sand/water. For Tommy, we carried him near the rocks and he was more toddling beside us, but LuLu is much more independent and loves to explore, so they were a must for her!)

So friends, I hope that answered some questions for you. If you have anymore please comment below or connect with me on social media! I hope you enjoyed this post and the video of our trip away! We can’t wait for the next one!
(If you can recommend any great holiday parks/places to camp with kids along the Queensland or Northern NSW coast please let me know!! Thank you!)

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Being on live TV. {VLOG}

Hey friends!

The past few weeks have been a little bit of a whirlwind… After THIS blog post was shared on the Daily Mail I had a few interesting emails. From magazines and TV stations… It was all very sudden & surprising! The TV show I decided to go on was the Today Extra show… (I found out everyone is very competitive and if you are being on one show, they don’t want you chatting to others etc… So I kind of had to pick one.)
So Thursday the 12th of October I was set to be on on live TV… Yes, I do make YouTube videos & I love that – but live TV is a whole different ball game. I am fine chatting to myself on camera and I can redo my video if I mess up, with a live TV segment – that’s it. If you mess up, well – not much you can do… But, I was determined to do it, so nerves shoved aside – I was doing this! I just prayed super hard I didn’t blank, swear or faint!

So last Thursday I was awake bright and early and I headed to Brisbane with my best friend Kelsie and my little man Tommy…
I vlogged a little of our of day and in the video I also include my segment from the Today Extra show – you can watch it HERE.


Thank you to channel 9 and the Today Extra show for having me on the show, thanks to my sweet hair & makeup lady that made me look so good on TV and to the producers for being so easy to work with and for answering my endless questions.
Biggest thank you to my constant support system, Trent, Kelsie and my kids. Thank you Trent for staying home with the girls & thanks Kels for coming to Brisbane with me, dealing with my minor anxiety attack & for loving on my sweet little man, I am so glad you were there with me. Thank you also to all my friends & family who knew about this leading up to it and were my cheer squad and encouraged me to jump at this chance. You all mean so much to me. Thanks to my sister for talking me through finding the right top for TV & encouraging me to try a different colour! You were right, it looked nice!
And thank you to you guys, without my friends/readers/supporters I wouldn’t get opportunities like this – so thank you!
This month has been an absolute whirlwind, for my little blog and also for our family, our life is nonstop lately & I’m a bit tired… More on that another day though.
Have a wonderful weekend…
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Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers 2017 {Family Vlog}

Hi friends,

I thought for today’s post I would share our first family vlog. I know my videos normally go up on Friday’s but this is just a bonus type of video.
We attended the Toowoomba Carnival of Flowers parade on Saturday and we filmed a little… So if you would like to check it out click HERE. img_4001

We love TCOF time, there are so many wonderful things to do in our town and Toowoomba is just full of beautiful blooms!


Did you attend the parade? Or what was your favourite float from our video?
Let me know in the comments below or connect with me on social media!
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Thanks so much for stopping by, have a great week!

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Circus of Illusion {Review – 2017}

Roll up! Roll up! The circus is in town!

On Saturday evening we attended the premier of Circus of Illusion.

I was fortunate enough to be invited & I am so glad we decided to go! The show was outstanding! Trent & I went with the kids & 2 of our good friends and all of us thoroughly enjoyed it – well, except Tommy – he slept through the entire show!
The show consists of magic & illusion, there are tricks that will make you wonder how exactly they do it!

There is a comedic clown act by the talented Duban Nickol, he is much more than your typical “red nosed clown”, there is a mime and the 2 headed statue was a very impressive illusion act as well!

Michael Boyd (internationally acclaimed illusionist & also “Australia’s Got Talent” finalist) amazed the crowd with some mind blowing illusions!  

20B6AE7C-7B2F-4740-A355-515FD340EB30_zps6woemzqb21D671E1-7F1D-4EB0-A2E6-B7C310EBA26B_zps2p5tdclrC92D3E00-33EF-4F6B-8936-099197C77629_zpsw2jtmmxg6D5A185B-29EC-4F02-96A2-9F323A45A820_zpstwihsejbMy favourite would have to be the aerial acts!  (LuLu is still talking about these 3 days later!) 

The circus is performed in a heated big top in Southport on the Gold Coast and the show is there until the 9th of July 2017.
I highly recommend you check it out! LuLu has just gone 3.5 yrs old and she was captivated by the show.
There is a lot of crowd interaction & it is a highly entertaining performance! 11BB138C-2DFA-42F7-B208-A583CEDDB7D8_zpssj3mzone

For more information please click HERE or for tickets click HERE.

Have you seen Circus of Illusion?
What did you think?
What is your favourite photo from this post?
Let me know in the comments below or on my social media!
(There is a clip of some of the performances on my social media as well!)

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Also please check out Circus of Illusion on Facebook.

I was gifted tickets to this performance, but all opinions are my own.
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Adventure – June 2017. {Wordless Wednesday}

Let’s wander where the wifi is weak.

Hello friends,
I thought I would do a bit of “Wordless Wednesday” (or in my case, just a few words…)
We went for an adventure the other day to a local forestry & it was so absolutely amazing.
I love being out in nature & exploring new places with my little family.
Here are some photos we took on our adventure…
img_8247img_8242img_8245img_8244img_7906img_7907img_7910I want this sign in my house – or just a sign that looks this incredible. LOVE!img_7903img_7904img_7905img_8243img_8251img_7901img_7902

What photo did you love the best? Have you been on any great adventures lately?
I would love to know, leave a comment below or on my social media!
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Kids don’t remember their best day of television. 
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Toowoomba Royal Show {2016}

Last week was The Toowoomba Royal Show… We spent some time there on Friday and I thought I would share some of the photos from our lovely day with you all.
We arrived early for when the gates opened which allowed us to visit stalls and walk around while it was still very quiet, which I feel works best for us with LuLu.
Our first stop was the petting zoo because I figured it would be busy during the rest of the day…

LuLu got to bottle feed some animals.
And feed an alpaca some gum leaves!

LuLu also got the chance to ride a pony with a riding school, she absolutely loved it and blew the instructors away with how confident and calm she was & how well she could ride – for a 2 1/2 year old who has never ridden a horse before! (Well, a real horse – she does love her rocking horse!)

 The 3 of us wandered through the livestock areas, LuLu loved looking at all the calves. She made friends with this little one, “Midnight”.

By the time we got to side show alley there was still only a very few people there, which for us was perfect. Trent was able to take LuLu on the dodgem cars without the risk of someone crashing into them… (Which I know is the point of them, but it’s not that fun for a little 2 year old)

We had a beautiful morning together.
We came home and Trent left for work and later that evening LuLu & I returned to the show for dinner & to watch the fireworks. I really wanted to take LuLu at night, because there is something fun about going to the show at night time!

We played some more side show games, her favourites were the clowns and fishing games. 

After the impressive fireworks display, we headed on home…
We had the most lovely day as a family and during the evening LuLu and I really enjoyed our Mumma/daughter time. 
What is your favourite part of the show?

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